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What is Weapon Confusion?

Weapon Confusion has been defined as an "unintended trained response," or otherwise, the tragic occurrence when a law enforcement officer (unintentionally) discharges the gun, when intending to deploy the CEW. On average, our country has had a major incident involving Weapon Confusion every year for the past 23 years (5 were fatal.) 2009 would prove to be an inflection point in history. The incident at (Fruitvale Station w/ Oscar Grant) would introduce "Weapon Confusion" to the country on a scale like never before. In the 15 years since, we have had 14 additional incidents, 1 of which would send similar shockwaves through the country in 2021 (Brooklyn Center/Daunte Wright.) Weapon Confusion incidents continue to increase each year, leaving law enforcement and the public sharing common ground in the pursuit to finding a solution. Update: There have been 3 additional incidents (after) the 2021 Minnesota/Daunte Wright incident. See links below (including a repository of all incidents recorded between 2001 - 2023.)

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