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How does Primary Guard support agency policy? An agency may have a written policy that requires non-dominant side carry and non-dominant hand deployment. However, there is still the risk (sometimes non-consciously) of an officer unholstering with the non-dominant hand and "transitioning" the Taser to their dominant hand (to deploy,) a practice that creates a significant risk of Weapon Confusion, Primary Guard protects against this.

How does Primary Guard help reinforce public trust? Primary Guard remains attached to the officer's Taser both while training and on-duty, serving as a tangible effort that the community can "see." Primary Guard is demonstrative of an agency and an officer's commitment to public safety (in advance of a critical incident.) 

What are other advantages of keeping the Taser out of the dominant hand? Keeping the Taser out of the dominant hand eliminates the need to transfer the Taser prior to unholstering the firearm (i.e. when transitioning from less-lethal to lethal.) This detail saves an officer critical time when aiding someone in a "preservation of life" situation, wherein every second counts.

Is Primary Guard ideal for my agency? Primary Guard is for agencies that have (or are considering) a non-dominant hand CEW policy. Primary Guard assists with providing (demonstrative) reinforcement of such policy.

If my non-dominant hand gets injured, can I use my dominant hand in an emergency to deploy the Taser TM? Yes, Primary Guard provides a "passive trigger restriction" to the dominant side of the CEW (i.e. for the purpose of training the non-dominant hand.) By design, an officer may bypass the Primary Guard with their dominant hand in an exigent circumstance.

Is Primary Guard permanently attached to the Taser TM? No, Primary Guard is secured to the CEW with a non-permanent, low-profile VHB acrylic mounting strip. Primary Guard mounting strips are waterproof, heat resistant and provide an extremely durable hold, yet are removeable without any damage to the CEW. Replacement mounting strips are supplied at no cost for Primary Guard users ( for details.)

Which CEWs (Taser TM) will Primary Guard fit? Primary Guard comes in 3 designs, tailored to fit Taser models: 7, 10, X2, X26 and X26P.


Is Primary Guard interchangeable? Yes, Primary Guard is interchangeable between lefthanded and righthanded users.

Does a non-dominant hand only Taser policy suggest that the Firearm can be used simultaneously? No, the Taser and firearm should never be used simultaneously, in fact, most agencies that advocate a non-dominant hand only CEW policy strictly prohibit this.

As an officer, I already use my non-dominant hand, should I still use a Primary Guard? Yes, Primary Guard sends a message to the community, and is demonstrative of your commitment to reducing the likelihood of Weapon Confusion.


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