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Reduce the likelihood of Weapon Confusion

Keep the Taser out of the gun hand with

P R I M A R Y  G U A R D


39 sec - "The Primary Guard"

Primary Guard is a choice.

Created by a police officer, it is designed to remain attached to the Taser (on-duty,) exemplifying an officer/deputy's commitment to reinforcing public trust and reducing unintended gun-related deaths. Primary Guard is effective, it can be bypassed in an exigent circumstance, and it is available at no cost to Law Enforcement (how to order.)

Why is Primary Guard needed? 

An agency CEW policy alone cannot safeguard against the practice of "switching hands." This is a practice, wherein, the Taser is unholstered with the non-dominant hand, and then "switched" to the dominant hand to deploy the Taser (see video below.)


Note: This practice may cause an unintended response with the dominant hand, when attempting to unholster the Taser under stress (a subject is resisting, fleeing.) As a consequence, reaching for the Taser with the dominant hand (Taser being inaccessible when non-dominant hand draw,) increases the likelihood of the dominant hand inadvertently selecting the gun (slips and capture.) This practice occurs more than an agency may be aware, often occurring non-consciously by the officer/deputy. Please do not underestimate the risk, allow Primary Guard to restrict dominant hand control and safeguard against "switching hands."

General Purpose:

As an effective alternative to "Cross-Draw." The Primary Guard is intended for agencies that currently implement (or are considering) transitioning to a non-dominant hand CEW policy, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of Weapon Confusion. Primary Guard aims to develop Taser selection and Taser control exclusively with the non-dominant hand (procedural memory,) the non-dominant hand being incapable of unholstering the gun, reduces the likelihood of gun being inadvertently selected. 

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*Primary Guard

Made in USA


Primary Guard Attached

1 min - "Switching Hands"

Jeff Reisig
Yolo County DA

"Now that a device like this exists, the question that prosecutors will be compelled to ask in future incidents like that of Minnesota (Daunte Wright) is "why" did the agency not have Primary Guard?"

-Jeff Reisig

Jeff Reisig

District Attorney - Yolo County (Ca)

President - District Attorneys Assoc. (Ca)

In 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and again in 2022. Jeff Reisig was elected District Attorney of Yolo County with the strong support of diverse community organizations, victims groups, criminal justice reformers, law enforcement groups and bipartisan civic leaders from across the region. A national reputation as a highly experienced, respected, innovative and ethical public safety leader. Jeff is a member of the National District Attorney's Association, a graduate of the prestigious "Executive Program" for District Attorneys across the United States and was most recently elected by District Attorneys from all across California to the office of President - California District Attorneys Association. 

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