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Reduce the risk of Weapon Confusion

Keep the CEW out of the gun hand with

P R I M A R Y  G U A R D


Primary Guard


More than a trigger guard,

It remains attached to the officer/deputy's CEW (on-duty,) as a tangible effort that the public can see, and common ground on reducing unintended gun-related deaths. Primary Guard is effective, it can be bypassed in an emergency, and is available at no cost to law enforcement.

Primary Guard is a choice.

Reduce an officer/deputy's risk of Weapon Confusion.

Training and reinforcing CEW control to the non-dominant hand (being that the non-dominant hand is incapable of unholstering the gun,) reduces the likelihood of the gun being inadvertently selected under stress.

But why is Primary Guard needed?

Because an agency policy alone, cannot prevent the practice of "switching hands" after unholstering (albeit non-consciously.) Wherein, the CEW is unholstered using the non-dominant hand and then switched to the gun hand to be deployed. This practice may develop an unintended response from the gun hand, when unholstering the CEW under stress (i.e., the gun hand being incapable of unholstering the CEW, increases the likelihood of the gun being inadvertently selected.) This is a practice that may be occurring more than an agency is aware, as it is often occurring non-consciously by the officer/deputy (see video.) Allow Primary Guard to keep the CEW out of the gun hand, safeguarding against the practice of "switching hands."

Do not underestimate the risk.

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Our country experienced 10 major Weapon Confusion incidents in the last 5 years (2x more incidents than the 10 years prior.) Considering that incidents are on the rise across the country, and with Cross-Draw now representing nearly all Weapon Confusion incidents reported, agencies are reevaluating the efficacy, and some having already mitigated the risk by taking the CEW out of the gun hand. We look back at 15 years of Cross-Draw and ask, where are we now? (show me the data.)

Primary Guard Attached
Jeff Reisig
Yolo County DA

"Now that a device like this exists, the question that prosecutors will be compelled to ask in future incidents like that of Minnesota (Daunte Wright) is "why" did the agency not have Primary Guard?"

-Jeff Reisig

Jeff Reisig

District Attorney - Yolo County (Ca.)

President - District Attorneys Assoc. (Ca.)

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