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Weapon Retention | Weapon Transition | Weapon Confusion

Primary Guard

Whether it's an officer/deputy losing their firearm in a struggle, or the unintentional and fatal discharge of an officer/deputy's firearm when intending to deploy the CED. Whatever the circumstance, officer safety and public safety are inseparable pillars to building public trust. As the number of (preventable) CED related incidents rise across the country, agencies are protecting the public trust; with a simple yet powerful principle; keep the TASER / CED out of the gun-hand.


is a choice.

What is Primary Guard for?

For agencies and/or individual officers/deputies that implement straight-draw/support-hand CED control. Primary Guard keeps the CED out of the gun-hand.

Why is Primary Guard needed?

An agency policy alone cannot prevent "switching hands," wherein, the CED is unholstered with the support-hand, and then is switched to the gun-hand to be deployed. This practice occurs more often than an agency may be aware, as it is often occurring (non-consciously) by the officer/deputy. Primary Guard is (tangible) reinforcement, safeguarding the officer/deputy and the public from gun-hand CED control (see videos.)

FAQ: Is there risk with using Primary Guard? 

Primary Guard can be bypassed in an emergency, otherwise, keeping the CED out of the gun-hand reinforces weapon retention, weapon transition and reduces the likelihood of weapon confusion. We ask; What is the risk of not using Primary Guard? Join us in the pursuit to reduce unintended gun-related deaths, keep the CED out of the gun-hand.

Effective Officer Safety | Tangle Public Safety

*CED - Conducted Energy Device.

The Primary Guard Shield
Primary Guard
The Primary Guard Logo
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Jeff Reisig
Yolo County DA

Jeff Reisig

District Attorney - Yolo County (Ca.)

President - District Attorneys Assoc. (Ca.)

"Now that a device like this exists, the question that prosecutors will be compelled to ask in future incidents like that of Minnesota, is why did the agency not have Primary Guard?"

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